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School concept:
  • Course selection system (without additional costs for students) Course booking  also possible for external students.

  • Exciting school subjects (philosophizing, children's yoga, research-based learning and much more)

  • one platform for all offers

  • Timetable adapted to CEST & CST

  • Learning in small groups

  • New! High school graduation grades 9-12!


Wir unterstützen das Projekt und einige unsere Lehrer wirken auch an dem Schulheft mit.


Infocall school 

Every Tuesday at 2 p.m. (CEST), we offer a group call forinterested Parents and children. About our class concept and the courses!

Book a course

Do you want to book a course? Click here to see the offers on the course page.


The new school year is underway

since September 11th, 2023. There are currently 8 classes in 2 time zones. Book an info call and register for a place now! There are only a few places left! New! We offer a high school diploma for grades 9-12.

What and how we learn

Lessons in small groups

Anker Unterricht
teaching materials/
Digital work

Also in  Stapling is learned, especially for mathematics and German. This is also combined

with digital media.

Children's yoga

The week always begins with a meditation, yoga song or exercise. We practice yoga together under the guidance of a children's yoga teacher.

Philosophizing with children

An integral part of the school culture is thinking about issues of our time, our past but also our future.

Open tasks

The students work on open-ended tasks that increase their motivation and suit everyone at their level.

Research-based learning

All students can work on their own research questions that suit them and their world

Learning in small groups

In small groups (up to 10 students) it is playful, with  Fun & learned music. We also have a learning office.

Would you like to register directly?

Contact us directly and get individual advice and information. We hold a preliminary interview with all parents, which is mandatory so that you can register at the Free German Online School.

Simply click on the button here, enter your desired date and time and we will see you at your desired date.

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and the

most important questions

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*Registration takes place after a preliminary call.

are looking for YOU!
at the Free German
Online school!

Du willst auf dem Laufenden bleiben? Dann trag dich hier gleich ein!

Schön das du uns abonniert hast!

+++ Newsletter +++

about nothing more
  to miss!

here you can
you to

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Opinion poll!

You voted! Last year in November 2023We conduct an anonymous survey within the school with our students and their parents.

We were interested in:

What do you particularly like and where can we improve? What are your suggestions?

The evaluation showed that 99% of all participants were completely satisfied with their visit to the Free German Online School.

We're very happy about that and we'll do everything we can to keep it that way again this year! Thank you for your trust so far!

Many great new projects, exciting courses and much more await you.

Nice that you are here!

(Evaluation of survey from November 19, 2023)


Are you completely satisfied with your visit to FDOS?

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99% yes!


What do you particularly like?

  • Teacher

  • Courses

  • Research-based learning

  • mathematics

  • Class community/classmates

your top 5

  • Experimental laboratory

  • Chess

  • French

  • Chemistry

  • maths


Interested in more live meetings?

Last year there was a live meeting (school camp) in the American time zone

100% yes!


What our students’ parents say:

Testimonial 1
Testimonial 2
Testimonial 3
Testimonial 4
Testimonial 5
Testimonial 6

Thank you very much at this point for all your positive feedback and your trust in us so far

Free German online school!

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