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Hausaufgaben zu Hause machen

Small question (Erich Fried)

"GDo you think you're still too small?
Questions to ask?

Then you get  the big ones
even before you big enough are! "


We don't want to encourage our children to get answers to questions they haven't asked. Our motivation is to ask your own questions and to explore them at their core and with all the tools at your disposal. For this we have developed the “researcher question”. During the school year, each student develops different research questions that they work on. The “research question” comes from their interest and their world of life and experience. With the help of on-site observations, research in books or  On the Internet (using child-friendly search engines), but also through trial and error, the children should get the answers to their research questions. Maybe there is also a museum on the topic nearby. or an expert you can ask?!

By intensively studying a topic, almost all subjects are automatically covered. Be it subject matter, history, art, science,  Music, sports, mathematics and German and much more. The results are documented in a research notebook and presented to the other students in the class so that they can also learn something at the same time.


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