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You can write to us here! Whether it's personal questions, registration, application, questions about our school, criticism, praise & Suggestions are possible. You can also request your free trial day here. If you would like to register directly and without detours at the Free German Online School, please use the “Book preliminary interview” box below. The joint preliminary discussion (via Zoom) is a prerequisite for registration. Once this has been done, you can register at our school using the green registration box at the bottom of this page. We look forward to seeing you!

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In order for you to be able to register at the Free German Online School, it is mandatory that we have a preliminary discussion with you.Here we get to know each other and any open questions can be answered on the spot.

Simply click on the button here, enter your desired date and time and we will see you at your desired date.

You can book your preliminary consultation here!

Hier könnt ihr euch
verbindlich anmelden!

Important! Before you register your child, it is necessary that we get to know each other in advance.
Please contact us for a preliminary discussion. To do this, use the booking form right here above the registration box. There you can choose a date and time that suits you. The link to the initial consultation (online via Zoom) will then be sent to your email address immediately.
We will also answer the most important questions about us and our online school in the FAQs below.
Bevorzugte Unterrichtzeit

Danke für eure Anmeldung. Eine Rechnung wird euch per E-Mail zugestellt.

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