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We are researchers, pioneers, artists, philosophers and travelers. We live and respect this world, its diversity and all the beautiful and unique things that make it tick. We are curious, open and creative. All of this is built into us from birth. It is up to us to preserve these skills so that we grow into strong, self-confident and, above all, happy individuals.

With projects, open tasks, useful learning material, children's yoga and practical activities, the students can strengthen these skills and, above all, their work in small groups and with all their senses - head, heart and hand - and thus get a picture of the world and those in it acquire dormant opportunities. With our school concept, which is unique in the world, we are pioneers of a modern, free online school.


At the free online school there is a mix of a wide variety of (digital) media. Each student receives their own, password-protected dashboard or online access (see below) on which their materials are stored. A Padlet is software that creates a digital pinboard on which text, images, videos, links, voice recordings, screen recordings and drawings can be stored. Results can also be easily presented or uploaded here. 

The weekly schedule is also on the Padlet. It is customized for each student. tailored and processed within the week. At the end of the week the results are discussed together. All teaching units take place via Zoom.

But we don't just work online. This also includes notebooks and other materials. If you already use certain magazines and would like to continue to use them, that's no problem. Just talk to us about it.


With what we learn

What we learn

(Example timetable)

Pedagogical concept

The focus of all considerations is the children and their learning needs. A special focus is placed on personality development, because this is always inextricably linked to learning success. Only a happy child enjoys learning!
Conversely, only a happy teacher will be able to provide consistently good teaching. We embody this completely in our teaching team: WWe love what we do.

Mindfulness, meditation and yoga are an integral part of the lessons. Philosophizing and researching individual questions also characterize this holistic approach. At the Free German Online School, work is almost always carried out across disciplines and the children learn to work independently.

Teachers also play a special role. They are coaches, companions and friends and support the children in their learning and development processes.


“M“Anything can teach a person nothing, you can only help them discover it within themselves.”

(Galileo Galileo)

Reading, writing and arithmetic are automatically the focus because this is often the only way to solve research questions and other tasks. Researching on the internet or in books only works if you can read. Children automatically engage in these essential skills. Trying out and integrating other languages - especially when you are abroad - is also an important approach in research-based learning.

This holistic learning concept  has been successfully tested by our teachers for years and is still reflected in the children's joy.

Do you think our concept, values and ideas about school are great and can you imagine being a part of it?

Get in touch with us for an initial preliminary discussion. We look forward to seeing you!

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