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How nice that you found us. We are pleased with all our hearts that with the Free German Online School we can provide you with a place where your children grow, thrive and are challenged and supported according to their inclinations and talents; - anywhere in the world: free and independent of location! We don't want to give our children broad, superficial general knowledge, but rather strengthen their personality and with it important skills such as self-confidence, courage and teamwork.

Nice that you are here!



We are Nils & Lisa, the founders of the Free German Online School. As a family with 3 children, we went on a world tour and are currently traveling around the world. Lisa has 18 years of experience in social work as a social educator as well as over 10 years of experience in yoga and loves making art. With 17 years of professional experience as teachers at German schools in various federal states and the knowledge of which tools are suitable for online teaching, we set out to follow our mission and implement our vision of a free online school. With our background and a lot of know-how about free learning, unschooling but also reform pedagogical approaches, we are ideally positioned for modern online teaching. We are of the opinion that you can learn a lot even without school and traditional classroom teaching. But learning, researching and discovering together is so much more fun-  It's also a great pleasure online!

We are convinced, and our own children also tell us this again and again, that we can learn even better in a community. Sharing the joy and knowledge of how to do this in an online school is our concern and our greatest motivator. 


We don't want to give students answers to questions they've never asked, but rather encourage and support them to ask their own questions with curiosity, to organize the answers themselves and to treat all the answers they find with respect and interest. Holistic learning with all the senses is particularly important.

This is designed using a mix of digital media, but notebooks and work materials are also used. We also integrate project-oriented lessons and elements of a holistic learning concept, as well as a weekly learning office.

Are you interested in what our timetable looks like and what topics and focuses we fill our lessons with? Then click here, because here it goes...

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-Our Why-

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