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Our teaching team consists of experienced teachers who have worked at various schools in Germany and love their job. These years of experience are reflected in the variety of methods and the school's pedagogical concept. We are very happy to have educators whose philosophy and values align with ours.

Our teachers are spread all over the world. This is very good for us, because as the saying goes:

"Dhe world is a book and he who doesn't travel knows itt just one page". (St. Augustine)


are looking for YOU!
at the Free German
Online school!

Our team


Become part of the team






Do you enjoy implementing and further developing an educational concept for a free online school?

Would you like to be actively involved in the development process of an up-and-coming online school?

Do you practice appreciative and mindful communication?

You love creative, independent and location-independent work?

Do you want to accompany children in their learning and development processes with a holistic approach?

Ideally, you have already gained practical experience as an online teacher (not a must)?!

This is what you bring with you:






A strong team that is dedicated to the needs of...nd interests of the children

Help design the timetable and your own teaching units

Location-independent work from anywhere in the world

Creative, free and self-determined lesson planning

an up-and-coming online school with an appreciative and warm atmosphere

Opportunities to help shape and further develop our online school​

This is what we offer you:






...That sounds good?

Then apply as a teacher for the Free German Online School. Contact us using the form below with the subjectf

"Application" and we will contact you immediately.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly by email contact us.

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