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Online Familienunterhaltung

Advice and help for families 

Advice and help for families 


We live in Latin America and travel the world as a family with our 3 children (the youngest had just turned 2 when we started) and have also founded the business of our hearts. Of course, we always have challenges. But in our experience, it makes a difference whether you then fall into drama or steer the situation yourself in a different direction and see it more as a learning field and experience from which you have grown again. We look at feelings with interest and have learned to change them more and more. With certain tools in your luggage, everything becomes easier and easier and you really become happier. 


We offer advice to both members of our school and other people on various topics: 

  • Challenges at school for your child - regardless of whether you are still in Germany, Austria or Switzerland or are already traveling or abroad 


  • Traveling as a family – you have freed yourself from rigid systems and now you realize that it is still harder than you thought and does not yet feel like the life you had hoped for. In our experience, it is not enough to change something on the outside and then everything will be fine! That's why, even before we left Germany, we dealt with ourselves - body, mind, what calls our heart - and consciously brought these three parts more and more into harmony. Everything is connected. If you do that, everything will automatically become easier no matter where you sit. 

  • More self-determination and freedom 

  • Health / Our first aid kit 

Book a 60 minute call. Your investment:

40€ for school members.

60€ for new customers.


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