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with children

Children are philosophers (from "Sophie's World" - by Jostein Garden)

"The child is the greatest philosopher. 

The world feels like this

as she is  - without putting more things in it,

than it experiences."

Philosophizing with children is an integral part of our school culture. Philosophizing with children is not a classic lesson, but a tried and tested method to promote autonomous thinking, self-reflection, values and your own self-image. Philosophy lessons were already taught in ancient times and even then it helped children to understand the world, to remain open to new things and to think independently. Fundamentally, philosophizing with children deals with general questions about humanity, such as: How do humans relate to nature? How do we want to live on this planet? What equates to a good life? What connects us to other people? What is justice?

Using books and films, the students philosophize about the small and large things in life, our present, our past and also our future.

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