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Every week there is an hour in which children's yoga is practiced. Under the guidance of a children's yoga teacher, various exercises and small asanas are practiced in a playful way.

You will also receive a timetable in which the individual lessons and teachers are noted, although we do not stick rigidly to the subjects. Since the students at our online school come from all over the world and are sometimes in different time zones, lessons can also take place in the afternoon. The times are usually recorded on the timetable in both CEST (Central European Summer Time) and CST (Central Standard Time; North America). If you have any questions about your country or something is unclear, please contact us.
Example timetable

Community (Phil Bosmans)

"Flowers cannot bloom without the warmth of the sun. People cannot become human without the warmth of community"

Learning takes place at the Free German Online School in groups of a maximum of 10 students. Each learning group has its own class teacher who takes care of the students' needs. The

Classes are multi-year, 1-3, 4-6, 7-10. Our week begins on Mondays with a story time group. Here the students have space to exchange ideas together, e.g. over the weekend or what is currently going on within them. This “arrival space” is important for us to start the new learning week grounded and together. A joint meditation is also on the program. In addition, each student receives their individual weekly plan and tasks on Monday, which are available on the Padlet. A Padlet is software that creates a digital pinboard on which text, images, videos, links, voice recordings, screen recordings, drawings and tasks can be stored.

Example Padlet

Learn in
Small groups

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