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-Kinder, die Hausaufgaben

Every week there is an hour in which children's yoga is practiced. Under the guidance of a children's yoga teacher, various exercises and small asanas are practiced in a playful way.

Learn from children (Rudolf Steiner)

"Even the wisest can

an immeasurable amount of children

and learn their thoughts"

At our school we specifically work with open tasks in order to address the children at their level and challenge them to think and develop their own solution strategies. An open-ended task is information given to the student without giving possible answers and without expecting a specific answer. They are used when you want to train or promote the interaction of skills from different areas of knowledge in relation to problem solving. The focus is on acting independently in conjunction with creative thinking.

The results are presented and presented in the plenary session in our so-called learning office.

Some examples:

Invent tasks with the result 24.


How old are all the students and teachers at your school combined?

Write down your favorite painting tasks and explain why.

Find out what a prime number is. Write down how you found out and explain what a prime number is.

What is your favorite letter? Why? Design a page for your favorite letter.

Prove why these words are written like this: dog - mirror - child.   


Sort all the pens in your pencil case.  Explain why you sorted them this way.  


Open tasks

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